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I had so much fun traveling to Spokane, Wa for Martha and Marshall’s engagement session!  I have known Martha for about 5 years, and I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that she had met the love of her life and was engaged.  Marshall complements Martha perfectly, and they both have an interest and love for the outdoors, small business and health (Martha is a nutritionist and they brew their own kombucha…need I say more!?).  Their wedding will be this September that the French Gulch Farm and Garden, and the couple will focus having a relaxed, fun day where they can enjoy nature, amazing food, and their closest friends and family.

Things I loved about this engagement session:

There were so many things that went “right” with this Spokane engagement session!  The sun didn’t come out, as we hoped…. however grey overcast skies make for perfect, even lighting.  Martha and Marshall chose one simple, more elegant look, and a second more casual outfit that reflected their love for nature and adventure.  Martha stuck to a neutral color palette that created a beautiful color palette (especially when photographed on film, as I did here!).

We allowed plenty of time for the photos, which resulted in a relaxed, romantic and authentic feel…. which is exactly the vibe I’m always going for as a wedding photographer!



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