Rest, Barbados, and Sweet+Salty Macaroons

March 4

I peeled off my winter coat, threw it on the floor, and jumped onto the couch.  I sighed as I snuggled up next to him.  The 25 pound cat nestled his way between us and I felt the wet nose of a pup brush against my foot.
We needed it.  Just a day of doing “nothing really”.  
  A day to be thankful to the One who provides.  
 I seem to thrive against deadlines, to-dos and daring the clock to race me to the finish line.  Sure, I space out quite frequently as I take creative brain lapses and imagine myself becoming an in demand destination wedding photographer jetting off to Barbados with a Johnny Depp second shooter sidekick, but that probably isn’t the same thing.   Oh, by the way, did you know that half a million people visit Barbados each year?  Sign me right up!
Last Sunday John Mark Comer of Solid Rock preached on the necessity of rest.  Of taking a day of Sabbath to refocus and hit the reset button. 
So, we did it.  Yoons and I rested on Saturday.  We ate out three times, we walked the family dogs, and we celebrated with a friend who inadvertantly set her hair on fire with a birthday cake candle. (cat-like reflexes saved her, so don’t you worry).  
It was a peaceful, and mostly uneventful end to the week:
Last week Jen had the fantastic idea of going to Ken’s Bakery to review her images.  Oh my good …grief.  I have consumed 3.5  salted caramel coffee macaroons since, and I took Yoons there Saturday morning for Stumptown coffee and yet another macaroon.  If you have a sweet tooth lurking between every molar and canine like I do, you might want to avoid this spot. Just a disclaimer.
 Must love dogs.  If I were creating a dating ad for myself, that would probably be one of the first things you would read.    
My weekly inspiration:
-The War of Art:  I finished the book the same day I bought it.  If you are a creative type, read it.  Seriously.  Read it.
-Love this quote:
It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. Ralph Waldo Emerson
This quote goes along with a personal goal I have this week.  Will share more about it soon.

Here’s to a happy Sunday and a week filled with opportunity!